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Loudwater Systems Management supports small and medium businesses with IT support, business process mapping, and small-project implementations. We are active in the Ipswich - Woodbridge - Felixstowe - Colchester-Bury St Edmunds area.

NEW!End of Windows XP: how to avoid security risk without paying £thousands for new hardware and for staff training. Contact us NOW! e-mail xp2linux@loudwatersystems.co.uk

Shortage of meeting rooms? Can't seem to manage the rooms you've got effectively? Double bookings? Room is booked but not in use? Try Meeting Room Booking System(MRBS) - a free Open Source package widely used and praised throughout the world. Implementation support for a fee is provided by a Linux Certified Professional. Bespoke programming add-ons available for a fee.

Many small and medium businesses would benefit from mapping their business processes. Typical benefits are:

After mapping your processes, we help implement the changes you decide on, with project planning, progress chasing, getting stage approvals, bringing staff along, creating and delivering training, hands-on launch support.

Flexible Pricing: We can carry out and bill your work in bite-size pieces - for instance, by the hour or by part or whole days - no need for a long commitment. You can see you are getting value - or you don't pay!

SAVE MONEY! We recommend and support Linux and other free Open Source software for those looking to reduce costs. Avoid expensive hardware upgrades and licensing fees for a Windows XP conversion. Support is provided by a Linux Certified Professional.

We troubleshoot your problems -- and won't let go till we've fixed it!

We can also provide advice on the Data Protection Act.

To request assistance, contact us by email at help@loudwatersystems.co.uk

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