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Loudwater Systems Management helps PC users with hardware and software problems. We are active in the Ipswich - Woodbridge - Felixstowe - Colchester-Bury St Edmunds area.

We recognise that you want to use your PC, not fiddle with it. Whether your are a home user or a business user, you know you are dependent on your computer, and you ought to take backups, stop viruses, set up internet protection, but life is too short, and you've got a life to run.

We will take 'all that stuff' off your hands.We will:

We visit you at your home/office -- no need to pack up your PC and take it into a centre, and lose the use of it for days!

SAVE MONEY!We recommend and support Linux and other free Open Source software for those looking to reduce costs, avoid expensive hardware upgrades and licensing fees for a Vista conversion. Support is provided by a Linux Certified Professional.

We troubleshoot your problems -- and won't let go till we've fixed it! If, against all the odds, we don't find a cure, you don't pay for our time!

Will you lose money or customers if your PC is out of action? Our Security service includes:

Digital photography is fast and useful, but can be complex. Having trouble connecting your camera to your PC? Repairing or enhancing photos? Making high-quality durable printouts? To get help, contact us via the links below.

To request assistance, contact us by e-mail help@loudwatersystems.co.uk