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Motto: Nemo me impune lacessit

or, No-one messes with me and gets away with it

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James Adam Elliot Glencoul House

These pages link the Elliot family to their forefathers and their descendants. The keystone person is James Adam Elliot (full size, (39KB JPEG), my father born 27 August 1901, in this house (full size, 222KB) on the shores of Loch Glencoul, Sutherland, north-west Scotland.

He was married to Gladys Jenny Bunting Haynes(obituary and photo).

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These pages are by Tim Elliot (email)

Who am I? The youngest son of a youngest son -- my father (JAE) was born in 1901, before radio, before airplanes, while Russia was still a monarchy. My grandfather: born in 1844, before the Indian Mutiny, just after the first Afghan War, before the Paris Commune, before Impressionist painting, before Florida became a state, before "Wuthering Heights" or "Vanity Fair" or "The Origin of Species". (If you like this history stuff, try HyperHistory).


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